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Lammhults is convinced that design has the potential to improve our everyday lives and contribute to more meaningful and sustainable ways of living. The optimistic spirit is a defining characteristic of Lammhults – a vital part of the company's heritage since 1945.

Each time has its own spirit, from which its design departs. Today’s design deals with issues other than the visionary design of modernism or the experimental utopic design of the 1960s and 1970s. Lammhults believes that design has an increasingly important role to play in our changing times: to evoke hope and to introduce new, sustainable, and inspiring ways of understanding and using space.

Lammhults develops contemporary design for various kinds of spaces – public spaces, modern offices, and domestic spaces.


The spaces we inhabit have a strong influence on us. Some spaces make us creative, social, and generous. Others enable us to slow down and to reflect.

Lammhults knows that space matters. Good design helps shape our dwellings and surroundings in ways that are relevant both today and tomorrow.

The Lammhults website includes image, 2D and 3D downloads.

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