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Plan Furniture Agency is proud to represent Ghidini 1961 in the UK

The Elephant Seating Collection from


When comfort and elegance are combined, you get The Elephant Seating Collection. Comprised of a Sofa and an Armchair, the product creates an unmatched presence and a strong sense of sophistication.

The Sofa

A large sofa is characterised by a fluid movement that shapes the backrest with an elliptical section that opens by lowering to create the armrest. The seat remains suspended between the armrests. Although proposed here with an elegant finish in nubuck leather, it can be customised with your choice of leather or fabric.

The Armchair

The Elephant Armchair borrows from the fluidity of movement of the sofa to create an individual piece that can be combined with the sofa or positioned by itself. The individuality of the Armchair is complemented by maintaining the original elliptical section and flaunting it to become a focal point in the architecture of the chair.

Want to include the Elephant

Seating Collection in your next project?


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